Public speaking

This week I had to give a presentation for university and I was so nervous it was unbelievable.
Like everyone else, I get really anxious about having to speak in public and even though it was in front of only 9 people, all of whom are my friends, I was still dreading it.
The presentation was for my tutorial group at uni and we had to pick an object from the museum across the street to talk about for 5 minutes.
manchester museumFirst of all, can we just appreciate how pretty this museum is? This is what a lot of the buildings at my university look like and I love it.
This museum is actually free for everyone but still has so many amazing objects in there including a T-rex fossil cast.

his name is stan

his name is stan

They also have a vivarium with all sorts of things like frogs, snakes and lizards. I honestly go here so much it’s a little embarrassing but I could spend a good couple of hours watching the animals.

chameleons though

chameleons though

Anyway, all of my tutorial group are zoologists so we all picked something animal related – I wanted to pick the dugong skull but that was behind the scenes and I wasn’t allowed :(
Eventually, I decided on an archaeopteryx fossil cast. Archaeopteryx was a transitional form between feathered dinosaurs and modern birds and looked a little bit like this:
archaeopteryx 2I know he looks scary but they were only the size of a magpie so you’re probably good. These creatures were a huge missing link in evolutionary biology so were an incredibly important discovery. You can look them up more if you find them interesting – if I start talking about them I won’t stop!
archaeopteryxSo this was the actual object I was talking about and it went really well – I had no reason to worry at all, it was over before I knew it and my advisor said it was interesting so all’s well that ends well!
Still don’t think I will ever get over my public speaking fear though…

Thanks for reading! x


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