New year, new me?

Hello there!
I’ve started blogging again! I plan to completely change my approach this time, but I think that can all be explained later.
For now, it’s the 31st of December and that can mean only one thing – New Year’s Resolutions. I know it’s a massive cliche and everyone does it, and blah blah blah but I genuinely love the idea of ‘a fresh start’ and I’m not hurting anyone by choosing this time of year to try and change some things!

Something I’ve done on every blog I’ve owned is first look back at my old resolutions for the previous year to see if I managed to keep them. Last year, I only set six, thinking that would encourage me to keep up with them… Not sure if it worked!

1. Drink more water and eat healthier – I tried, I failed. I go through phases of this, unfortunately none of them last very long! 
2. Get into some sort of exercise routine and get to a weight you feel happier with – Same as above! In fact, I think I’ve put on weight this year.. (I definitely have). But I’ve become more comfortable with not being super skinny so maybe that’s not a bad thing?
3. Try harder in Semester 2 of University – 100% yes. I did this, and it showed, and I’m proud. (If only I wasn’t so worried about my upcoming exams)
4. Do more things – Stop saying no to everything. Start saying yes to things you know will be fun and you know you’ll regret missing out on. – Sort of? I mean I did a lot of things that scared me and made me anxious but not super huge things 
5. Earn more money – Kinda, but it’s difficult when you’re juggling work with a degree. 
6. Spend more money – Did well. Went on lots of trips, nights out and even a holiday. And still managed to more than double my earned savings. Not bad. 

I’m going to carry over a couple of those for this year but also add a couple of new things in as well that I think are super important as well as some things to do to make me enjoy life a bit more! So without further ado, here are my New Year’s Resolutions for 2015!

Get into exercise more. This is something I really need to do, as I get bored of exercise so easily. I’m hoping to get into swimming again, maybe start up running and maybe even go to the gym a little. I’m not setting my hopes too high, but getting into a routine of some kind would be nice.
Look after yourself! I need to get into a serious routine of looking after myself as well! Skin care, eating healthily, drinking water and having less chocolate. No, not dieting, just being better.
Play the ukulele more. Okay, seriously, I got a ukulele a few years ago and I can play enough to fool people into thinking I know what I’m doing, but I need to stop letting it gather notes and pick the damn thing up because it’s so fun!
Blog and journal more. At least once a week. It’s soo therapeutic and will be so good to look back on in a while.
Do more stuff! Travel more, say yes to things, do things that you’re a little scared of. I’m sick of letting opportunities pass me by because I’m a coward.
Learn to love myself. I’d love by the end of 2015 to be able to look into a mirror and not pick myself apart. This is the ultimate goal and the most important of these 6.

Now, I really don’t mind if I don’t stick to these – I’d love to but I’m not setting my expectations too high. I’ll be happy if I stick to half of them, but would love to stick to the last one especially.
What are you some of your resolutions this year?
Happy New Year to you all, and here’s to the ever cringey fresh start!

(I shall start blogging regulary after my exams so expect posts from late January! See you then!)

Short break in Cornwall

At the start of August, my boyfriend and I went to stay in Cornwall for a few nights. Well I say Cornwall, I think technically it was Devon.. We were basically on the border, anyway that’s not important! 
We had a really lovely time and stayed in a small cottage which was really nice – it wasn’t too small and it had everything you’d need for a short stay. 

The couple that owned the cottage lived next door, and the properties were on the same grounds so we saw them quite a lot – they even gave us some of their homegrown tomatoes which was nice of them. They also had a few dogs and cats so I got to make friends with them :)
Devon and Cornwall have a lot of nice memories for me as my family would usually go down once every couple of years for a couple of weeks either in the spring or summer. I haven’t been for 3 years so it was nice that everywhere still seemed quite familiar to me. 
Being summer, the plan was to go to the beach a lot, which we did, however the weather wasn’t exactly on our side! After all the lovely weather we had in July, of course it’s been raining nearly every day this August… As I write this I can hear the rain hammering down outside. We still went to the beach every day though and braved the sea quite a few times. We were only 20 minutes away from Bude so spent most of the time in the sea and the sea pool at Summerleaze there, until we were chased away by big rain clouds. 
As well as the beach we made our way both down and up Clovelly (though not all the way down.. I’d forgotten how steep it was!) and also visited Padstow to get some fish and chips.. Or sausage and chips  in both of our cases… Seaside towns still do the best chippy’s anyway, even if you aren’t getting seafood! 
The last place we  visited was the Tamar Otter Centre which was cute but definitely overpriced! Still nice to see some otters and feed the deer. We also saw Muntjac deer which I haven’t seen anywhere in England, or outside of Discovery Cove for that matter! 
IMG_5963[1] IMG_5980[1] IMG_5937[1]
Overall, we had a really lovely few days and it made me feel slightly better about not having a ‘real’ holiday (AKA a Florida holiday) this year. In a couple of weeks i’m going to Kent with my family so I’m really looking forward to that as well. It’s always nice to get away, wherever you’re going, and the UK has got some really lovely places to go :) 


Hey guys just a quick blog today about pets.
Over the years I’ve worked at quite a few veterinary practices, animal hospitals and animal shelters, and I’m currently working at an animal shelter for the Summer twice a week.
Something that I’ve learned whilst working at these places is that life’s not fair for animals. There are hundreds of animals stuck in shelters and kennels that have (obviously) done absolutely nothing long, but so many of them will stay there for months and even years, even dying there eventually. Unfortunately some shelters are forced to put down healthy older animals to make room for more – in fact in the UK 20 dogs a day are put down, and 126,000 dogs were abandoned last year. And that’s just dogs, the numbers for all domestic animals are much higher.
When people buy new pets they usually go to pet stores and breeders for new baby animals which depending on where you get them from can be encourage puppy farming etc. Not always, don’t get me wrong, but if you want to read up more on this and why it’s dangerous to get baby animals from pet stores nowadays, I recommend either Google or using this site to learn more.
Regardless of this, I know a lot of people are hesitant to get pets from shelters because they can be older, and they’re worried that the temperament of the animal may not be too great. However there is such a mix of animals at all shelters you can usually find what you’re looking for.
Most shelters charge a lot less for adopting an animal and they are usually fully up to date with vet checks and have been spayed or neutered. If you don’t have the time to raise and train a small puppy or kitten, getting a slightly older animal is definitely beneficial as they will be a lot calmer and probably house trained, a lot of shelter dogs also know basic commands.
Finally, think of the good you’re doing for a shelter pet. They’ve been sat on their own in a small space, looking at the same walls all day, maybe getting walked once (if they’re lucky) a day for maybe years on end. Taking an animal home with you will definitely improve its quality of life and you can give a shelter pet the life it truly deserves.
Just consider adopting the next time you’re thinking of getting a new pet.
Thanks for reading!

20th Birthday Weekend

Just over a week ago on the 4th July, it was my 20th birthday. I’d have much rather have been in the US and pretending it wasn’t my birthday, but unfortunately I was stuck here and had to face the fact I’m getting older and that I have to live with that.
To help with that, my boyfriend came back up to Manchester for a few days and had to meet my parents… Scary, scary. It all went well though and I had a really lovely Italian meal for my birthday.
The next day I went for a night out with a few friends and had a really nice (drunk) night. You know it’s bad when you’re drunk before you get to pre-drinks.. It’s my birthday, don’t judge!
IMG_5541 IMG_5608 IMG_5612

A few days after this my boyfriend and I took a little day trip to Blackpool – mainly because he’s never been and I wanted him to see how tacky it was! Really though, growing up I visited Blackpool and St Anne’s an awful lot and I do love it. 

Whilst there we visited SeaLife which is a place I’ve never been to even though there’s one about 20 minutes away from where I live in Manchester. It’s a really nice place and having spent the last few weeks looking at marine biology in Scotland and back home it was super interesting as well. The only annoying thing was there was way too many school groups in there. We also paid extra for a behind the scenes tour which was 2 rooms and lasted about 10 minutes.. Oh. Would definitely visit again though!
IMG_5641 IMG_5624 IMG_5622 IMG_5671

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and my birthday is now long gone but I had a really good few days with some wonderful people. My birthday last year was the worst one I’ve ever had for various reasons and I’m glad I got some better memories this year :)
Thanks for reading! 


Millport, Isle of Cumbrae

We’re gonna pretend that I’ve been doing 2 blogs a week all this time and that I haven’t taken a 2 month+ break from blogging, because I don’t have valid excuses!
As most of you know, I study zoology at university and as part of my course, we had to go on a 9 day field course to the Isle of Cumbrae in Scotland, at the end of June. We focused on marine invertebrates and their biodiversity there and it was actually a lot more interesting than any of us had thought it would be!
First of all, the Isle of Cumbrae itself is beautiful. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in the UK and the weather definitely helped! It was above 20 degrees with no cloud basically all week and that’s amazing for Scotland in June.. If it had been raining, the course would’ve definitely not have been as fun, especially as we had to ride bikes to get to everywhere on the island! Riding up to 10 miles a day in the rain? No thank you!

Ferry to Cumbrae

Ferry to Cumbrae

We spent most days collecting samples from beaches and then taking them back to the lab to identify unknown ones. One day we went on a boat and caught lots of cool stuff, but specifically squat lobsters which some people ate that night.. We also had to learn all of the Latin names of the animals we found for a test later in the week, which was pretty challenging but it is cool to be able to go to the beach and say all the Latin names of everything there! Well, I think it’s cool, anyway.

White Bay

White Bay

IMG_5348[1] IMG_5349[1]

Kames Bay

Kames Bay

We also had to do research projects on a particular species in small groups; ours was about the dog whelk (or Nucella Lapillus if we’re getting technical ;)..) and by the end of the week we were sick of dog whelks! Also we collected dead ones to do an experiment on their shells and they absolutely stank… Not fun.
Still, the week was so much more fun than I thought it would be, if not tiring (getting up at 7am then not stopping work until 8 or 9pm for 9 days in the heat takes it out of you) and I got a nice tan to show for it too! Also, my friend and I were feeling a little down halfway through the week so stopped off at the pub to get some good food.

I do love sirloin

I do love sirloin

But the best bit was getting to see the really cool animals that live on the UK’s coast! You never really think about it but the wildlife you find is so diverse and it’s so nice to see.



(angry) velvet swimming crab

(angry) velvet swimming crab

Sea urchin

Sea urchin

We stayed at the FSC centre in Millport, and if you’re ever in Scotland, you should definitely take a trip over to Cumbrae. It has breathtaking views, and you can hire a bike for the day fairly cheaply and cycle around the island in just a couple of hours. Nice way to start the summer!


Thanks for reading :)

Bad Neighbours

Last night I went to see the film Bad Neighbours with my friend (not sure why it has slightly different names in different countries, but that’s what it’s called here!).
I love going to the cinema but I don’t really go that often, mainly because it’s so expensive! I don’t think I’d been to the cinema since January to see Catching Fire. I mean the ticket itself is expensive enough and then you have to buy popcorn and stuff (duh) which more than doubles the price. If I’m honest one of the main things I go to the cinema for is popcorn. English popcorn that you get from the shops isn’t that thrilling and cinema popcorn is as close as I can get to Disney popcorn without actually going to Florida (if only…).
Anyway, the film was really funny. Usually, comedies have a few laugh out loud moments and then the rest of it isn’t really hilarious or anything, but honestly every joke I was laughing at. Also, Zac Efron isn’t bad to look at either… :P Plus, how cute was that baby?! Like, if I ever have a baby girl I want her to be like that one. Adorable!
The other good thing about the cinema is watching the trailers, but this time there wasn’t that many for films I wanted to see. There doesn’t seem to have been very many films out recently that have caught my eye anyway. The only one I’ll be going to see is Maleficent and I know I probably won’t like it (sorry) but you have to compare, right?!
Anyway, I would definitely recommend seeing this film, if you haven’t already!

It’s been a while

Hey guys, how’s it going? Hoping some of you are still around but I’d completely understand if you weren’t.
I’ve been slacking in most areas of my life lately, not just blogging – revision, eating properly, doing exercise. I also got tonsillitis last Thursday/Friday which by the way is a lot worse than anybody ever tells you. I always thought it was just a bad sore throat but oh god no, after 24 hours you will be hoping for death it will hurt so much. I had no idea but now I understand and I just hope I don’t have to go through this again! I am (touch wood) getting better thanks to antibiotics.
My exams start in a week, and I keep going between feeling 100% prepared and 0% prepared. I’ve done more work than I did for my January exams so hopefully we should be ok. I hope. Oh god, I’m scared.
Usually the first year of a degree in the UK isn’t that important – technically it’s only 10% of my whole degree so it doesn’t matter, except because I’m doing a placement year I have to get a certain % in order to be able to do the placement. Which is a bit of pressure because I need to do a placement – it’s really good for employability and I love the idea of being able to work in a ‘real’ job doing my own research project for a year. I’m not sure whether working under pressure is helpful for me, or not though. I mean, I still procrastinate just as much as usual but I just panic more, so maybe the pressure isn’t completely helpful. Oh well, it is what it is, and I’m sure exams will go fine. Positive attitude and all.
Besides all that, nothing much has really been going on with my life that’s particularly interesting. I haven’t left the house properly since last Wednesday because I’ve been feeling really bad, so I’m excited to finally go somewhere today. Mm, fresh air. Can’t wait.
Hope your week’s all go well! And if you have exams… Good luck!

Pizza, zoo and Game of Thrones! [spoilers ahead?]

The past few days have been wonderful. My boyfriend has been at home for the Easter holidays meaning I don’t get to see him at all, but he came back up to Manchester for a few days to see me which was super nice.
This basically consisted of us eating too much pizza, but we also went to the zoo on Monday which was so good! The weather was really sunny for a change, and even though the zoo is full of kids at the minute because the schools are on holiday, we still had a really good time. I have a bit of an obsession with zoos and I get way too excited about going because I just really enjoy getting to see the animals up close. I do get a bit conflicted when you see everyone pressed up to the glass with their cameras up in the animals faces because no way can that be too pleasant, but to be fair, Chester Zoo does a really good job of making the enclosures natural, and giving the animals space to chill out if they need it. I’ve been going to Chester Zoo for longer than I can remember and I will always love it. I took my Coolpix camera with us which is a nice little bridge camera, and managed to get some decent shots. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Also watched the new Game of Thrones which is the one we’ve ALL BEEN WAITING FOR (book readers, anyway…). So glad that the little shit is finally out of the picture though, even if this is where stuff starts getting even more dramatic! I did miss my Daenerys fix this episode though.. They’d better compensate by having loads of scenes with her in ep 3!
Hope you guys have been having a good week so far! Speak to you soon :)

Hard work pays off… Apparently!

I’ve spent the majority of this week making revision notes from all my lectures, and finally I’ve caught up with them all, and I’m done! For now. I still have to revise them all again before exams but hopefully that won’t be too bad. I’ve definitely put more work in that last semester so I’m just hoping it’ll all work out great.
As for the paying off part, I’m being rewarded with going to work tomorrow! Great! To be fair though, after that I’m going to spend a few days with my boyfriend and we’re going to the zoo (which as a zoologist and animal lover is basically my ideal day out) so I’m super excited for that.
I also bought a few DVDs this week which weren’t supposed to come until Monday though I was happily surprised because they came today instead :) Small things, eh. Bit sad that my DVDs coming 3 days early is the highlight of my week but it is what it is! Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to watch them til late next week as my dad wants to watch them with me.
I got Saving Mr Banks, which I’ve already seen at the cinema but it one of my favourite Disney films already. Pretty impressive that it’s moved up the list so quickly. smb I’ve always loved Mary Poppins but this film definitely gave me a greater appreciation of what everything means and who everyone represents in P. L Travers’ life. Still tear up at the start though when the narration starts, and still cry whenever Let’s Go Fly A Kite plays!
I also got Frozen which I still haven’t seen! I know the whole plot and all the words to the songs though, so I don’t know if that means it’s ruined for me but I’m still excited to finally see it especially after the great reviews it’s had.
frozen I’m sure it won’t live up to expectations (sorry) but I bet it’ll be a cute film and I do love the songs so I’m looking forward to it. These two films also means I have enough Disney Movie Rewards points to get a free film so I’m looking forward to that too ;)
Finally, we borrowed The Hobbit from my cousin which my dad and I still haven’t seen either. We have to watch it together though, because we saw the Lord of the Rings films together and now it’s a tradition. Super excited because I love the cast and also Legolas (even if that is a bit of a stray from the true story.. It’s Orlando Bloom who cares).
Anyway, that’s my week in a nutshell really, I’ll definitely do a blog post about the zoo next week when I get home! I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday and that your weekend is fabulous too! :)

Little blog update

Hey guys!
Things have been pretty hectic around here recently for various reasons but I’ve decided to make a little change in my posting routine and habits etc.
So I used to do a Disney post every Tuesday and a ‘Life’ post every Sunday however i’m struggling to stick to that currently so I’ve decided to come off schedule. Just posting when I get the time/inclination – that usually works better for me than trying to stick to deadlines I’ve set myself.
I’ll still be trying to post at least (if not more) once a week though.
Also decided to throw zoology into the mix – it’s what I’m studying at university and I enjoy writing about animals so I figure why not? It’ll give me a lot more to work with that’s for sure!
Anyway, I’ll be starting this new direction from next week ie. tomorrow :)
Hope everything’s good with you and sorry for lack of posts this week – family problems have been taking their toll.
Speak to you very soon!!!